Summer 2022 Services

Zeth Pugh, MEd, MS, BS, CMBE, LMT Freelance Instructional Design & Leadership Consultant  My area of expertise is massage therapy and bodywork business and education.  941-321-5311 please text / [email protected] Zeth holds a Master’s in Instructional Design, a second Master’s in Leadership, and a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management. She is currently a doctoral student at […]

COMING SOON! Interactive E-Learning Samples

You want an instructional designer who can use professional tools, right? Well, sometime very soon, I’m going to have several experiences for you to interact with. I am currently getting my files uploaded to AWS and quality testing. One e-learning unit is built with Storyline Rise. This is focused on higher education anatomy classrooms. Students […]

RPG Concept Art: Swamp Mummy

I am thrilled to be providing concept art for Falcon Games. Gabriel Falcon is a Puertorican game master and dice-based RPG scenario creator from Orlando, Florida. This is a sneak peek of one of the concept art pieces I recently sent in. Think swamp mummy/monster. Procreate and MotionLeap

New Art Experiments

My duties as Director of Marketing & Communication for the Alliance have kept me busy lately. To balance that work, and the stress that job hunting brings, I’ve also been making a lot of artwork. The Jellyfish & Pop Culture Series As an adult I prefer the art on my walls be more mature, even […]

LinkedIn Articles

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here: One of the articles I posted on the social media networking site involved the pay rate for massage therapists at chiropractic offices and why they weren’t likely to get raises anytime soon. I have also written about why massage therapists need to step up and volunteer […]

Several Ways Massage Educators Can Utilize Available Images

As a massage educator, I am always looking for experiences to help my learners grasp complicated anatomical concepts. An understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body is essential to applying safe and effective hands-on clinical skills. Many massage teachers may feel overwhelmed when they cannot find an image that fits what is in […]

Volunteering: Parkinson Cafe

Using knowledge to help empower others is what feeds me. This particular opportunity involved a group of people with Parkinson’s disease and their care takers. I presented information about massage therapy to the group. I demonstrated some basic massage techniques that were easy for caregivers to reproduce. Later we shot some videos especially for the […]

Volunteering: Women with CLASS

Back in the early 2010s I was a member of a fantastic group of women called SWAT. It stood for Successful Women Aligning Together. A local realtor started to meet SWAT ladies for coffee on Friday afternoons. Soon a small group would show up. That’s when I came along. After a few months, we had […]

Work History: My Favorite Team

You know when you have a team that clicks, works well together, and feels like a dream team? Maya and Sara were that for me at the chiropractic office. We had a ton of fun. The patients loved coming in to find out what random days we would celebrate. It broke up the routine for […]

Educator Credentials: AFMTE Certified Massage and Bodywork Educator

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education is one of the most important organizations in my profession. I truly believe that the best way to uplift the massage community is to better prepare massage educators to effectively influence the upcoming generations of students. I joined as a teacher member. Then I voluntarily began the portfolio and […]

Volunteering: AFMTE Committee

I am excited to be assisting in the planning of the educational conference in 2021. Read more about the call for speakers, conference details, and sponsorship opportunities here. There isn’t a lot I can share (yet!) but I’m enjoying working with this group of people. Contributions I can share: Assisted in the creation of educational […]

Volunteering: AFMTE Taskforce

At the time of this writing I have had the pleasure of serving the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education in two capacities. This post will focus on the EDI taskforce. (Check out my conference-planning commission contributions here.) The AFMTE asked for a group of massage therapy educators to meet and advise the board on equity, […]

Volunteering: COMTA Commissioner

How my resume reads: Served as Employment Commissioner with the mission of establishing and maintaining the quality and integrity of the massage therapy profession. Worked mostly remotely with bi-yearly meetings in Washington, DC. Evaluated applications for initial specialized accreditation, as well as renewals, for entry-level curriculum, programmatic compliance, and institutional stability. Assessed submitted budgets for […]

Tattoo Design: Wolf Print

To be clear, I am NOT the tattoo artist that did the tattoo nor later touched it up. I designed the tattoo and the artist applied it. There are several layers of hidden meaning within this tattoo. For example, the father and daughter share the sign of Capricorn. Each paw tip is an upside-down heart. […]

Other Photography Projects

Over the years I have used photography as a way to make extra money, provide a fuller range of services to clients, and, mostly, as a form of pleasure. I am beyond pleased that the phone I carry in my pocket can take photos as good as (and probably better than) the DSLR I used […]