You want an instructional designer who can use professional tools, right?

Well, sometime very soon, I’m going to have several experiences for you to interact with. I am currently getting my files uploaded to AWS and quality testing.

One e-learning unit is built with Storyline Rise. This is focused on higher education anatomy classrooms. Students rarely are given tasks they need to fully integrate the knowledge. E-learning tools such as Rise allow for rapid development of learning experiences. This unit is meant to help learners recognize terms and categorize them appropriately.

The second Rise unit is on Growth Mindset.

Another unit was built with Adobe Captivate. This short exercise teaches learners about bony landmarks of the body. Two types of bony landmarks are discussed. Multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and other interactions were used.

Finally, I created a Moodle class. Hands-on service providers face unique customer service challenges. This lesson focuses on managing customer expectations, identifying treatment goals, and creating a sense of collaboration and shared responsibility. This training is designed to help estheticians, massage therapists, and other providers in the hospitality, wellness, and beauty industries.