How my resume reads: Served as Employment Commissioner with the mission of establishing and maintaining the quality and integrity of the massage therapy profession. Worked mostly remotely with bi-yearly meetings in Washington, DC. Evaluated applications for initial specialized accreditation, as well as renewals, for entry-level curriculum, programmatic compliance, and institutional stability. Assessed submitted budgets for evidence of improvement in schools that were placed on financial probation. Provided expertise in the employer experience related to practitioner preparation. COMTA is a US Department of Education specialized accrediting agency.

What actually happened: This brief stint serving COMTA was exactly what I needed to reinvigorate my career and life. Working with dynamic individuals on a national level made me realize that, while I have LOVED being a licensed massage therapist, it was time to get a higher degree of education and serve on a broader scale.

The motivation gained through my time with COMTA helped me earn a BS in Healthcare Management. That propelled me even further into MEd in Instructional Design. (Estimated early 2021)

It also lead me to understand how important it is for leaders to step up from within the industry and do the work needed to elevate this struggling occupation. I have volunteered time in other ways since.