Designed for Massage & Bodywork

Created specifically for the unique needs of the pre-licensure classroom.

Made by an A&P Teacher for A&P Teachers

A&P is a challenging topic to teach.

30 Modules

Each content area in massage school anatomy & physiology is broken down into one or more modules plus additional review, application, and practice.

Over 160+ Interactions

There are over 160 e-learning interactions.

Convenient Access

Learners can access this content with their mobile device, laptop, tablet, phone, or another internet-connected device.

Available for Licensing

Massage & Bodywork training programs can contact [email protected] to arrange access for their program.

Massage & Bodywork Training is Hard ENOUGH!

Then A&P comes along and knocks many students on their butts. After 20 years in the industry, I knew something was needed. A solution specifically for massage students.

This interactive e-learning A&P workbook is designed to supplement the textbook and other materials used in your entry-level anatomy and physiology course.

Over 160 interactions across 30 modules help learners build the tools they need to succeed in A&P.

Created by an A&P teacher for A&P teachers and their students who struggle.

Zeth Pugh holds a Master’s in Education with a focus on Instructional Design. She has designed science curricula for entry-level massage schools.