I help organizations drive change through the strategic use of words and imagery. I am a problem-solver and a people-builder. My area of expertise is personal healthcare services.

UPDATED SUMMER 2022 SERVICES Freelance services can be viewed at this link. Contact Zeth at 941-321-5311 (text please) to secure a consultation appointment.

What problem can I help you solve?

I help organizations create change, improve performance, and influence behavior through learning design.

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I build the value of a product or service, creating a benefit-driven narrative tailored to the target decision-maker.

I use principles of adult learning and motivation to help employees perform better. I believe that mandatory training can be meaningful and engaging.

I lead classrooms of diverse adults in person, virtually, and hybrid.

I can recommend and create non-training solutions such as job aids, employee handbooks, policies and procedures, and more. Training is not always the answer.

I help identify gaps in performance and knowledge. I assess how to address them in a way that meets the organization’s needs, time restraints, and budget.

Articulate Storyline Rise 360 E-learning Workbook Sample for Anatomy & Physiology

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I can help with: job aids, handbooks, workbooks, worksheets, learning experiences, practical exercises, assessments (formative and summative), research, sourcing assets, creating assets, certificates of completion, checklists, job aids, course materials, lesson plans, retreats, content, education weekends, marketing materials, curriculum development, lead generation books, video editing, and more.

Enjoy my portfolio highlights here.

“It Came from the Breakroom”

A character-led e-learning adventure to help spa workers (such as massage therapists) work on situational awareness, “spa voice”, and empathy for guests. This project was completed in Articulate Storyline 360.

Content and Support Material Creation: Learning should be fun and engaging. Science shows that we learn better when we pay attention and create personally meaningful experiences. I can help you use existing online tools to support your classroom or do it for you.

Graphic Design, Video, and Content Creation

A multi-disciplinary content creator with a digital media degree from Full Sail, 2000.

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