Fundraiser: Birthways Education Fund

My photography mentor, Greg Kaspar, assisted me by generously allowing me to borrow his lighting equipment and making sure I didn’t screw up too badly. I think of him every time I pick up the camera. Birthways is a Sarasota birthing clinic owned by a licensed midwife who has a passion for education. To help […]

Special Effects Makeup Progression

It started when I got a Ben Nye Bruise Wheel. My roommate allowed me to practice on him. This led to tackling zombie makeup on myself. Then, on my roommate. Next I tackled bite marks. My second attempt allowed me to add more detail to veins and such. Finally, it was time to use my […]

Community Solution: Pool Sign

After our community pool chair was broken for the umpteenth time in a row by a child, I volunteered to create this sign which was posted around the pool area.

Spa Marketing: Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage

I have a friend who is a chiropractor with a digital (very low radiation) x-ray machine. He allowed me to take several fun xrays for marketing. One year I had a large booth at a convention called Tattoo Fest. I was able to hire other therapists to work the booth with me. (No way I […]

Spa Advertising: Mad Science Massage

The advertisement above is one of several I designed for placements in local media. The following steam-punk themed images were used as part of a health communication and consumer education campaign:

Art Exhibition in Sarasota

I was pleased to find that my phoenix and peacock piece was displayed near the front of a Sarasota art exhibition. It was visible from the front windows and really drew the eye. I had two pieces in that show. Neither placed, sadly.

Multimedia Art: Uplifting Gift

This multimedia piece was fun to create. It was a gift for my friend, inspired by an image she posted on social media.

Gouache Class Project

I frequently take classes to enrich my life. Mike Grecian was a representative of Holbein paints. In one of his color theory classes, we were given an image to recreate with gouache. (That’s like watercolor but more opaque.) I finished one set of oranges in class and completed a second set on my own. The […]

My Soul is a Mermaid

No surface is safe around here! I used my Cricut Maker machine to cut out a variety of vinyl scales and then applied them to my Soul.

Digital Artwork: Pet Portraits

In 2018 I challenged myself to paint a dog. I had never done an animal portrait before. This ended up creating a new hobby and a small side gig. What could be better than doggos, art, and money? Process: The first, and most important, step in a successful pet portrait is choosing a good set […]

Photography and Digital Manipulation

In 2014 I took a series of photographs around iconic Sarasota, Florida locations and edited them into “little worlds” in Photoshop. It should be noted that this was the long way to do it. Now apps allow you to make a 360 degree photo with a click! Pictured above is the courtyard of the Ringing […]

Workshop: Projecting Your Voice for Networking Success

I have always believed that the skills I have learned can be applied to other areas of life. I was a theater kid in high school. I noticed many of my networking groups had professionals who couldn’t speak loud enough. I created a seminar that helped business people learn how to be heard.

Volunteering: An Evening for Healthy Start

One of the ways that I would give back to the community as a massage therapy was to take my massage chair to events and give 100% of the tips to the event. It was a great way to meet people who were involved in nonprofit work and in serving the community. Additionally, I helped […]

Client Lead Generation Tool: Top 50 Touch Tips for Couples

in 2014 I created my second lead generation tool. This ebook had 50 of my top touch tips for couples. Over the years I have learned that many partners want to help their loved ones with aches and pains. After teaching private workshops, as well as being a professional massage educator, I put together my […]

Client Lead Generation Tool: Free Headache Guide

After years of specializing in helping people who suffered from headaches, I put together a printable pdf guide. The business purpose of the guide was to generate leads through my website. It was successful and helped establish me as a headache expert. The social responsibility purpose of the guide was to offer free accessible information […]

Event Coordination: Guest Speaker Workshop

One of the ways I grew my massage therapy practice was by promoting valuable resources to my clients and collaborating with other professionals. Shana Rosenthal is a local expert in helping people overcome their inner obstacles. This type of event required networking and building rapport with an allied healthcare professional. We negotiated on date and […]

Digital Art: Hummingbird Series

My mother-in-law, Sharon Pugh, is a nature photographer who lives on the other side of the USA from us. Her stunning shots of hummingbirds and other wildlife inspire me. She is kind enough to give me permission to use her photos as references for my art. This is my favorite piece so far.

Adjust Your Life + Medical Massage

I love collaboration. In 2013 When I found a new space to rent from a chiropractor in Lakewood Ranch, I was excited! We both belonged to the same networking group (SWAT: Successful Women Aligning Together) and had lunched together many times. Press releases and networking garnered the attention of the local paper. Additionally, we held […]

My First Massage Office Makeover

In 2004 I received my licensure as a massage therapist in the state of Florida. Once I built up enough business I rented my first office. It was a long narrow space in the back of an office complex. I was faced with a utility access box and fluorescent lighting. When I first moved in […]