Project: How to Find the Online Class Calendar
Format: E-Learning
Software: Storyline Articulate 360, HMTL5, Flash
Features: Drag-and-Drop Order, Multiple Choice, Video, Audio, Screen Capture

Scenario: This project was designed to reduce the workload of an education director at a massage therapy school by teaching students how to access the resources available to them. The idea was that this would eliminate lower-level requests.

Many students during the COVID-19 pandemic had to quickly learn how to use technology. The diverse nature of the student body has an equally diverse range of access to, knowledge of, and confidence with Internet-based applications.

I took a video of the step-by-step process for logging in and navigating through the pages to find the schedule using a PC. Additionally, I included a video on utilizing the search feature. These were narrated and accompanied by text on the video screen. Some areas were zoomed-in.

This was adapted for the mobile version of the school’s website as well. The majority of the steps were the same, however the access is through a slightly different menu.

Short, interactive knowledge-checks were sprinkled throughout to ensure that students were understanding the more important steps and not just fast-forwarding through the slides and videos.

Due to the rapid conversion to online learning and then back to in-person learning, this project has not been reviewed or implemented. Resources have not allowed it. I’m okay with that as it was an excellent learning experience and allowed me to push my Storyline 360 skills.