Project: Introduction to Red Flags for Massage Therapists
Format: E-Learning
Software: Storyline Articulate 360, HMTL5, Flash
Features: Multiple Characters, Text Dialogue Exchange, Multiple Choice Interaction, Drag-and-Drop Matching, Check List Interaction

Scenario: This story-based mini-course is designed for massage therapists to receive an introduction to the concept of red flags. The learner guides Carla (a massage therapist) who has received disturbing texts, through interaction with her mentor.

Massage therapists are commonly faced with inappropriate requests. It’s gotten far worse over the past three years. One reason is that commonly used review sites and advertising spaces for illegal services were shut down. Clients seeking those extras now have to contact many legitimate therapists before finding one.

Carla is asked questions by her mentor. The learner gets to choose one of three responses. One is clearly incorrect. One is correct however it is not professional or work-appropriate. One is correct and professionally states the concern.

This models an interaction that will rarely be seen by a third party. Most mentor or manager/employee conversations are private. This gives therapists a way to state their concerns and compare two different ways of doing so with guided feedback for each of the incorrect options.

Additionally the language modeled here helps the therapist learn to de-personalize the experience of dealing with a difficult client. Every therapist will have to interact with a questionable client during their career. Practicing prior to being in the situation for real is valuable.

The unit wraps up with Carla and mentor discussing self-care what to do if the distress is ongoing. (Seek professional counseling.)