Volunteering: AFMTE Committee

I am excited to be assisting in the planning of the educational conference in 2021. Read more about the call for speakers, conference details, and sponsorship opportunities here.

There isn’t a lot I can share (yet!) but I’m enjoying working with this group of people.

Contributions I can share:

  • Assisted in the creation of educational seminar topic suggestions for the annual survey. (The committee favorites that I suggested were: “Art-Based Approaches to Teaching Anatomy,” “What Educators Wish Admin Knew/What Admin Wish Faculty Knew.” Two of my suggestions that I’m personally rooting for: “Current Topics in Gender and Sexuality,” and “FERPA and HIPAA for Massage Educators.”)
  • Discussed and voted to approve tiered conference pricing
  • Provided ideas for fundraising
  • Provided ideas for value-added virtual conference experiences
  • Provided ideas for “celebrity” interactions

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