Category: Work History

Breakout Presenter: Trends in Anatomy Education at the AFMTE 2021 Educational Congress

Zeth’s graduate work involved the teaching of anatomy to pre-licensure healthcare professionals. Zeth is presenting on this topic in July 2021 at a national conference for massage educators.

Educator Credentials: AFMTE Certified Massage and Bodywork Educator

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education is one of the most important organizations in my profession. I truly believe that the best way to uplift the massage community is to better prepare massage educators to effectively influence the upcoming generations of students. I joined as a teacher member. Then I voluntarily began the portfolio and […]

Technical Writing: Employee Handbook

Massage therapy is an interesting profession. An employee handbook often needs to cover many situations due to the sensitive and intimate nature of legitimate therapeutic massage. Additionally, I wanted to ensure that expectations were clear when it came to treating every client with dignity and respect. Click “download” below to view the file.

Job History: Electronic Health Records, Physician Dictation Software

In 2003 I left the publishing company to work for a small electronic health records company. They were using Dragon Dictate, then a very big deal, paired with customized templates in a software program that saved physicians thousands of dollars on transcription by allowing them to talk directly into their chart notes. The owners saw […]