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FREE: E-learning workbook sample for A&P educators in massage schools

5 Modules Total 3 Sample Modules Bonus: 1 Analog Module Bonus: 1 Educational Philosophy Module Audience: Entry-level Massage Therapy Educators, Administrators Anatomy & Physiology Students Articulate Storyline Rise, 2022, Zeth Pugh

Several Ways Massage Educators Can Utilize Available Images

As a massage educator, I am always looking for experiences to help my learners grasp complicated anatomical concepts. An understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body is essential to applying safe and effective hands-on clinical skills. Many massage teachers may feel overwhelmed when they cannot find an image that fits what is in […]

Educator Credentials: AFMTE Certified Massage and Bodywork Educator

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education is one of the most important organizations in my profession. I truly believe that the best way to uplift the massage community is to better prepare massage educators to effectively influence the upcoming generations of students. I joined as a teacher member. Then I voluntarily began the portfolio and […]

Spa Marketing: Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage

I have a friend who is a chiropractor with a digital (very low radiation) x-ray machine. He allowed me to take several fun xrays for marketing. One year I had a large booth at a convention called Tattoo Fest. I was able to hire other therapists to work the booth with me. (No way I […]

Client Lead Generation Tool: Top 50 Touch Tips for Couples

in 2014 I created my second lead generation tool. This ebook had 50 of my top touch tips for couples. Over the years I have learned that many partners want to help their loved ones with aches and pains. After teaching private workshops, as well as being a professional massage educator, I put together my […]

Client Lead Generation Tool: Free Headache Guide

After years of specializing in helping people who suffered from headaches, I put together a printable pdf guide. The business purpose of the guide was to generate leads through my website. It was successful and helped establish me as a headache expert. The social responsibility purpose of the guide was to offer free accessible information […]

Event Coordination: Guest Speaker Workshop

One of the ways I grew my massage therapy practice was by promoting valuable resources to my clients and collaborating with other professionals. Shana Rosenthal is a local expert in helping people overcome their inner obstacles. This type of event required networking and building rapport with an allied healthcare professional. We negotiated on date and […]

Adjust Your Life + Medical Massage

I love collaboration. In 2013 When I found a new space to rent from a chiropractor in Lakewood Ranch, I was excited! We both belonged to the same networking group (SWAT: Successful Women Aligning Together) and had lunched together many times. Press releases and networking garnered the attention of the local paper. Additionally, we held […]

Technical Writing: Employee Handbook

Massage therapy is an interesting profession. An employee handbook often needs to cover many situations due to the sensitive and intimate nature of legitimate therapeutic massage. Additionally, I wanted to ensure that expectations were clear when it came to treating every client with dignity and respect. Click “download” below to view the file.

Interactive Learning Tools for Massage Therapy Students: Crosswords for Neuromuscular

Project: A Series of Interactive Crossword Puzzles for Neuromuscular Massage TherapistsFormat: E-LearningSoftware: Scenario: Interactive crossword puzzles created for assisting massage students to learn neuromuscular therapy concepts. View Here:

E-Learning Projects for Massage Therapists: It Came from the Breakroom Part 1

Project: It Came from the Breakroom Part 1Format: E-LearningSoftware: Storyline Articulate 360, HMTL5, Flash Features: Multiple Characters, Text Dialogue Exchange, Multiple Choice Interaction, Drag-and-Drop Matching, Check List Interaction, Hot Spots, Sounds, Layers, and Motion Paths Scenario: This story-based mini-course is designed to build empathy and awareness of body shame in potential massage clients. A new […]

E-Learning Projects for Massage Therapists: School Online Schedule

Project: How to Find the Online Class CalendarFormat: E-LearningSoftware: Storyline Articulate 360, HMTL5, Flash Features: Drag-and-Drop Order, Multiple Choice, Video, Audio, Screen Capture Scenario: This project was designed to reduce the workload of an education director at a massage therapy school by teaching students how to access the resources available to them. The idea was […]

E-Learning Projects for Massage Therapists: Intro to Red Flags

Project: Introduction to Red Flags for Massage Therapists Format: E-LearningSoftware: Storyline Articulate 360, HMTL5, Flash Features: Multiple Characters, Text Dialogue Exchange, Multiple Choice Interaction, Drag-and-Drop Matching, Check List Interaction Scenario: This story-based mini-course is designed for massage therapists to receive an introduction to the concept of red flags. The learner guides Carla (a massage therapist) […]

Quizlet Class: Free Resources for Neuromuscular Therapists

One of my strengths is that I can adapt to almost any software or application quickly. This allows me to provide educational materials that are accessible to a particular population, without adding financial burden onto the facility. Quizlet is a fantastic program that I highly recommend. It allows students to practice spaced repetition using a […]