Category: Business

Client Lead Generation Tool: Free Headache Guide

After years of specializing in helping people who suffered from headaches, I put together a printable pdf guide. The business purpose of the guide was to generate leads through my website. It was successful and helped establish me as a headache expert. The social responsibility purpose of the guide was to offer free accessible information […]

Event Coordination: Guest Speaker Workshop

One of the ways I grew my massage therapy practice was by promoting valuable resources to my clients and collaborating with other professionals. Shana Rosenthal is a local expert in helping people overcome their inner obstacles. This type of event required networking and building rapport with an allied healthcare professional. We negotiated on date and […]

Technical Writing: Employee Handbook

Massage therapy is an interesting profession. An employee handbook often needs to cover many situations due to the sensitive and intimate nature of legitimate therapeutic massage. Additionally, I wanted to ensure that expectations were clear when it came to treating every client with dignity and respect. Click “download” below to view the file.

Job History: Electronic Health Records, Physician Dictation Software

In 2003 I left the publishing company to work for a small electronic health records company. They were using Dragon Dictate, then a very big deal, paired with customized templates in a software program that saved physicians thousands of dollars on transcription by allowing them to talk directly into their chart notes. The owners saw […]

E-Learning Projects for Massage Therapists: Intro to Red Flags

Project: Introduction to Red Flags for Massage Therapists Format: E-LearningSoftware: Storyline Articulate 360, HMTL5, Flash Features: Multiple Characters, Text Dialogue Exchange, Multiple Choice Interaction, Drag-and-Drop Matching, Check List Interaction Scenario: This story-based mini-course is designed for massage therapists to receive an introduction to the concept of red flags. The learner guides Carla (a massage therapist) […]