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FREE: E-learning workbook sample for A&P educators in massage schools

5 Modules Total 3 Sample Modules Bonus: 1 Analog Module Bonus: 1 Educational Philosophy Module Audience: Entry-level Massage Therapy Educators, Administrators Anatomy & Physiology Students Articulate Storyline Rise, 2022, Zeth Pugh

COMING SOON! Interactive E-Learning Samples

You want an instructional designer who can use professional tools, right? Well, sometime very soon, I’m going to have several experiences for you to interact with. I am currently getting my files uploaded to AWS and quality testing. One e-learning unit is built with Storyline Rise. This is focused on higher education anatomy classrooms. Students […]

Factors of Intensity: Ways to add to or subtract from perceived intensity during a massage therapy session.

One of the areas I love to talk about is health communication. Massage therapists can benefit from expanding their vocabulary of touch and improving their communication with prospects and clients. “Deep Tissue” has no well-defined or agreed-upon meaning in the industry. Clients ask for deeper pressure when it is impossible or inappropriate to provide. What […]

Breakout Presenter: Trends in Anatomy Education at the AFMTE 2021 Educational Congress

Zeth’s graduate work involved the teaching of anatomy to pre-licensure healthcare professionals. Zeth is presenting on this topic in July 2021 at a national conference for massage educators.

LinkedIn Articles

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here: One of the articles I posted on the social media networking site involved the pay rate for massage therapists at chiropractic offices and why they weren’t likely to get raises anytime soon. I have also written about why massage therapists need to step up and volunteer […]

Several Ways Massage Educators Can Utilize Available Images

As a massage educator, I am always looking for experiences to help my learners grasp complicated anatomical concepts. An understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body is essential to applying safe and effective hands-on clinical skills. Many massage teachers may feel overwhelmed when they cannot find an image that fits what is in […]

Volunteering: Parkinson Cafe

Using knowledge to help empower others is what feeds me. This particular opportunity involved a group of people with Parkinson’s disease and their care takers. I presented information about massage therapy to the group. I demonstrated some basic massage techniques that were easy for caregivers to reproduce. Later we shot some videos especially for the […]

Educator Credentials: AFMTE Certified Massage and Bodywork Educator

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education is one of the most important organizations in my profession. I truly believe that the best way to uplift the massage community is to better prepare massage educators to effectively influence the upcoming generations of students. I joined as a teacher member. Then I voluntarily began the portfolio and […]

Volunteering: AFMTE Committee

I am excited to be assisting in the planning of the educational conference in 2021. Read more about the call for speakers, conference details, and sponsorship opportunities here. There isn’t a lot I can share (yet!) but I’m enjoying working with this group of people. Contributions I can share: Assisted in the creation of educational […]

Volunteering: COMTA Commissioner

How my resume reads: Served as Employment Commissioner with the mission of establishing and maintaining the quality and integrity of the massage therapy profession. Worked mostly remotely with bi-yearly meetings in Washington, DC. Evaluated applications for initial specialized accreditation, as well as renewals, for entry-level curriculum, programmatic compliance, and institutional stability. Assessed submitted budgets for […]